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Born an bred in the north west of Pakistan. Grew up in Mardan, the foot hills of the Himalayas, borders of Afghanistan. A villager to the core. They managed to get the boy out of the village, but could never get the village out of the boy. My best friends have always been, wolves, foxes, sheep, butterflies, catterpillar, anteaters, snakes, and scorpions.






Dearest readers & my Human Friends,


I’m sure u must be wondering….why the “Volf”   So here’s a true story of my wonder years…..to help u understand me better.


When I was 3 years old, we used to live in a remote village in the North West of Pakistan called Mardan. The borders of Afghanistan. Foothills of the Himalayas,  Dad was the Factory Manager for M/s Khaiber tobacco  Company. Our “Havaili” was the last house in the village. After which, for miles and miles was nothing but sugar cane fields.Every summer night, a pack of 6 “Wolfs” would come into our garden and play in the lawn. ( Mum had instructed the cook, that they must never go back hungry ).


So on a daily basis special meals were cooked for these majestic animals.


The best part of the deal was, that I was their Best Friend” for hours on end, I’d play without any fear with absolute wild “Wolfs” !! Never once was I ever harmed !!!


Thus 2day, my email says velvetvolf@gmail.com  ( Wolves have velvet fur, U’d only know If U have close encounters ) & I prefer to spell it this way !! 


My second phase during my wonder years was spent in another remote village called Naushera.


Every day after dinner, Mum n Dad would go for a walk in village, and I’d run behind them.
Mum would make me count the trees, the bushes, the pebbles so on and so forth.


Many times during those walks, I’d shout out from behind them, “Mommy Mommy C !! I got Daddy’s Belt !! & normally 7 out of 10 I’d be holding on to a snake that was passing by. The snake would sway in my hands for a while and disappear into the rose bushes. Those were 99 rose bushes in that very lane (I’d count them every day).


Thus 2day my add says shifting99shadows@yahoo.com


My 1st Job in life was with the Honda Motor Company in Karachi. The 1st batch of Honda Cars that came from Japan in 1981 Came on board an American Car Carrier called “Brazen Eagle


Thus 2day my add says brazeneagle@hotmail.com  ( Brazen means “Fearless” )


So dear human Friends,  this is the story of my life in a nutshell !!


Every thing has a meaning, a motive, a memory. & has left a mark on my life.  These are just vivid memories of my wild childhood !! & I value them very much.


(I miss my wolves….much more than human friends)